Very Basic Question about how to view Remote Desktop Services sessions on PCs


  • This is hopefully a nice easy question!

    I'm looking into whether Remote Desktop Services (shared hosted desktops) would be a suitable way for us to re-purpose old desktops.  If we just leave licensing to the side for the moment, and talk technically, what are the best options in the following scenario.

    - Broad collection of aging desktops, that could just about run Win 7

    - Enough server resources to support an implementation of S2012 RDS Hosts & Brokers

    - Users with relatively straightforward requirements (ie no graphically intensive apps, just standard business apps)

    I'm very new to the area of RDS & shared hosted desktops, but I can picture a solution where a user sits down at a machine, logs in..... (behind the scenes they are being brought to a shared hosted desktop via RDS)..... we control their desktop experience via GP, their preferences (and possibly email) are stored in User Profile Disk... and the same user can acces that shared hosted desktop by logging in at any desktop.

    What I don't know is

    - What OS would be installed on the desktops?  What is the lightest, cheapest thing that we can use to have someone seamlessly log into their shared hosted desktop, and that will still allow RemoteFX?

    - Am I on the right path?

    Friday, August 23, 2013 11:57 AM


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