applying gpo for changing date and time


  • Hi, I created a gpo that controls users in changing the date and time and timezone. I was successful in this and allow only domain admins in changing time and timezone. 

    Came to a point wherein I had a user whom requires immediate change of date and time and since this user is under the gpo I created, obviously the adding of user under his local policy is overridde by the gpo. So adding of user or group is greyed out under

    Computer Configuration>Windows Settings>Security Settings>User Rights Assignment>change system date and time

    I was searching for a tweak or maybe in registry wherein we can modify to remove this policy? not sure if possible.

    So due to the immediate requirement of changing it, I added his name on the gpo just for this instance.

    Is there? or there's no registry tweak for this?



    Tuesday, July 21, 2015 6:51 AM