Brand new password fails to work


  • I recently created a Word 2010 document by copying text from a Lync 2010 window (need to save the conversation).

    At the point of saving the document, I selected the "General Options" and applied an OPEN password.  I first typed the password in a text file so that I could see what I was typing.

    I copied (Ctrl-C) the password from the text file and pasted it (Ctrl-V) in the dialog box and in the confirmation dialog box.

    I closed the document and re-opened it, pasted my password in the dialog box and got the dialog telling me my password was no good.

    I suppose it serves me right for not saving it first in an unprotected fashion so that I'd at least have the backup, but that's hindsight.

    Short of having to grind this document through a brute-force hack, how do I recover the document that Word 2010 has so handily locked up?

    Saturday, September 28, 2013 6:19 PM

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