Windows 8.1 boots with 97% memory usage RRS feed

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  • I've suddenly started having this problem yesterday for no reason. I was playing a game when I noticed it started hiccuping and staggering, so I closed it. In the process, it got stuck and I couldn't bring up the Task Manager to kill it, so I brought up the start menu and rebooted instead. Since then, every single time I boot up, the computer's used memory is up to 97% and crazy levels like that. I have 16GB of RAM so you can imagine I'm completely mind-boggled. I can barely do anything but launch Chrome and other small things. This computer isn't even a year old, a Dell XPS (can't remember the exact model). The memory used, almost all of it, goes to non-paged memory.

    Googling a bit, I launched poolmon to see what was happening but the result confuses me.

    https:// social.technet.microsoft. com/Forums/ getfile/585423 (not allowed to put images so please remove the spaces)

    Can anyone help me locate the problem? Poolmon isn't giving me a concrete answer at all.

    Tuesday, January 6, 2015 10:13 AM