Software restriction policy and logon script


  • We have activated SRP on a Windows Server 2003. The SRP policy is made for whitelisting so everything is blocked except the lines in the exceptions.

    When a user logs in on a client there is a policy that runs. The policy has a administrative template - system - logon - run these programs at system logon: c:\windows\system32\filename.vbs

    The script is checking something on the domain controller and givs feedback when the criteria is met. This file runs fine but after the SRP it does not run anymore. The error at startup is: the script has been blocked by groups policy.

    I have whitelisted: c:\windows\system32\nameofscript.vbs and




    What else do need whitelisted to start the .vbs file?

    But the script keeps giving the error at startup. Manually i do not get a error when started from c:\windows\system32..


    Thursday, June 16, 2016 7:48 AM