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  • I have an MFC project   that makes a connection to Active Directory on a Microsoft Server 2008. I administrate the Users of a company there and every midnight at 00:00 writes the Entrys and changes of Useraccounts on AD (Active Directory) as planed Tasks. The Task are in a Oracle Database.

     For that i open a connection as admin with

    WNetAddConnection2 ( lpNetResource, lpPassword,   lpUsername, dwFlags)

    The connection is open without an error. Now i call the:

     WTSSetUserConfig(strServer.GetBuffer(0), m_strName.GetBuffer(0),WTSUserConfigTerminalServerHomeDirDrive,

    "//", sizeof(DWORD));

    This funktion gives error. The GetLastError() function gives error: 1317 "user does not exist". But User 007 is in Active Directory. Is that a bug? on AD or WTS?

    Does someone know a way to make it work?

    Thank you 


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  • JP --

    Does your question have anything to do with Microsoft Project Server, an enterprise project management application?  If so, please elaborate, as you have posted this question in a user forum that deals with Microsoft Project Server questions.  Otherwise, please repost your message in a more relevant user forum.  Hope this helps.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]

    Tuesday, April 8, 2014 11:45 PM