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    IE10 seems to not pick up the value attribute I have in my hidden input field. When I view the source code I see the value, but when I view it in the developer toolbar the value="". I am trying t narrow this down. When I use jQuery to get the hidden value in IE10 it fails.

    What I see in view source:

    <input type="hidden" id="challengeAnswer" name="challengeAnswer" class="challengeAnswer" value="111" />

    What developer toolbar source shows:

    <input name="challengeAnswer" class="challengeAnswer" id="challengeAnswer" style="color: rgb(187, 187, 187);" type="hidden" value="">

    My jQuery:

    var thisForm = jQuery(this).parents("form");
    var rightAnswer = $Query(thisForm).find(".challengeAnswer").val();

    Everything but IE10 returns "111" in rightAnswer (even IE9 and older).

    Why would this occur?

    Tuesday, August 27, 2013 8:08 PM

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