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  • Hi !

    It is not directly a dev question but the solution is certainly for dev guys... So I'm hoping my fellow dev guys will help !

    Machine : Lumia 550 / OS: Windows 10

    Problem : Existing "bad" App menu entries, grayed doubles with "waiting" written just below. How to remove them ?

    Details :

    Some App names are duplicated in the main App menu. One entry is grayed, long press is showing the local menu but entries are also grayed.

    For example I've got a good menu entry for CamScanner, and another that is grayed. 

    I tried to uninstall the "good" App but it does not work. When I go back to Windows Store to reinstall, the Store is saying "already installed", so I lost the real App and I can't delete the bad entries nor force a new install...

    This problem is existing for about 10 Apps (microsoft translator, ms magnifying glass, camscanner, ...).

    Screen capture will show you exactly what I'm meaning :


    Solution is for dev guys because there is no "normal" way to solve this problem. And this is becoming interesting from this point... How to access menu entries, how to suppress bad ones, etc...

    I'm sure it can be useful to know as this problem can be a support question from an App customer.

    Thanks in advance for your help !

    Olivier Dahan Dot.Blog : www.e-naxos.com/blog

    Sunday, December 20, 2015 2:58 PM