Removal of RMS protection on a PDF document


  • I'm testing out using RMS in our Office 365 tenant.  We've successfully enabled it and have a library setup using just the default options.  During the testing I placed a PDF document into the library and sure enough it was encrypted.   When you go to launch the document you get a page displayed indicating that the document has been protected and it's also nice enough to provide a link to the FoxIT site for the PDF reader.  But that got me to thinking what if someone did that by mistake and wanted to remove the RMS protection. 

    I downloaded the Active Directory Rights Management Services Bulk Protection Tool and attempted to decrypt the PDF document.  When I ran the tool I received an error message indicating that the document format was unsupported.... 

    Is there a newer version of the tool available that supports PDF's?

    Thursday, September 12, 2013 8:36 PM