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  • Vista Ultimate 32bit; 2Gb Ram

    Gigayte965G Motherboard

    2x 400Gb HD

    Intel 6600


    I built this machine from scratch and it has been working flawlessly for months on end. I decided to add an additional 2Gb of RAM to the system and purchased two identical memory units. WHen I say identical, I mean I bought another two of the original purchased ram. I now had 4 DIMM's from the same manufacturer that were identical.


    SO I shut down my machine, disconnected everything and installed the memory.


    When I started it back up, BIOS saw the extra memory and correctly ID'd 4Gb. Vista was not so happy however.


    It said Vista was not shutdown properly. I tried to start up normally, then safe mode with networking, then safe mode. Every time it spewed on CRCDISK.SYS. I tried to boot up into the Vista from the CD to try for repair console but as the last item loads up it crashes and says my Mobo does not do ACPI properly and I need a BIOS update. Strange, since VISTA has been running on this Mobo for months quite happily.


    I am now in a loop of boot & crash - it stops at CRCDISK.SYS everytime. I cant get into Vista repair console.


    I tried clearing my BIOS and rebuilding BIOS configuration but the problem remains.

    I tested the memory and I know it is GOOD.


    Any ideas anyone. I am at my end here. Too much data on those disks to give up.




    Tuesday, May 22, 2007 6:38 PM

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    FAO Microsoft Vista Support folks


    I just solved this problem by removing ONE Dimm from my machine. As discussed elsewhere on these forums.


    This strikes me as a major PROBLEM!  Well it's good my machine is working again after I thought it was dead but I thought VISTA 32bit was supposed to be able to handle 4Gb of RAM??? WHy is that myself and others are having to REMOVE a stick of RAM to get VISTA to boot??


    I think I would like an answer to this peculiar problem and/or some fix to allow me to use the fourth stickof RAM I bought that VISTA somehow hates.


    Run VISTA on 2GB - no problem


    Run VISTA on 3GB - no problem


    Try to install 4 identical sticks of RAM and VISTA SPEWS just like it says in the previous message... What is this all about??


    Microsoft Support - Please respond...



    Tuesday, May 22, 2007 9:14 PM

    How about this patch for Windows Server 2008 in a HP ML155. Having exactly the same problem.



    Wednesday, October 8, 2008 10:05 PM