We need your input: Is it time to refactor the Technet Wiki Guru awards competition? RRS feed

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    Add your feedback to this wiki article, which is a collection of suggestions, ideas, opportunities and improvements.

    This article is addressed to all who enjoy and/or participate in the monthly TechNet Guru Competition. The competition is a great way of encouraging individuals to showcase knowledge as well as bringing aspects of software development to the TechNet community.

    We have heard that a new portal is being designed and have been asked to contribute ideas: Help us shape the future of your community!

    How can we bring the TechNet Wiki Guru competition to vNext?

    What do we need to change, what needs improvement?

    The great ideas posted in this discussion will be collected on the TNWiki page mentioned earlier.

    Peter Geelen - MVP Enterprise Mobility (Identity and Access) (user page)

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    Friday, May 18, 2018 9:52 AM