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  • Hi, 

        Windows XP Media Edition SP3

       I  downloaded a security update for IE-8 on 1/29, restarted and received the  message  The ordinal  459 could not be located in the dynamic link library urlmon dll when trying to open AOL, which I know uses IE-8.

       IE-8 has never opened quickly and as of recent opens and closes quickly. Computer has lost ability to do auto updates thru Ie-8 for months. In December, I ran Malwarebytes, and super malware(think it was called). With that and other info, I was able to repair the problem with my installer. I also uninstalled and re-installed IE-8. No change.

           In January, I uninstalled and re-installed IE-8 again. No change.Tried auto update on MS web site and was told to change an access in IE-8 that I can't open.  The add-ons have been disabled, re-installed 8 and other common suggestions on MS web site. After re-install, got message that security updates weren't installed and should perform auto update upon restart/ opening IE-8.  Same condition and no access to updates.

       Did some manual updates on1/12-13 or so.

        1/27,Updated Itunes and got 1909 error and lost desk top icon. Updated Skype and lost icon. Start/ programs says file is empty. Also lost IE icon at that time. Owned this computer for 5 yrs and no longer have CD to repair file prescribed by MS. Went into program files and created link to exe file for each.  Ran PC clean(1/28) and it shows no malware and missing 20+ updates. Again tried auto update on MS web site and was told to change an access in IE-8 that I can't open. Continued searching and found more manual updates ..13-1thru7 I believe, dated 1/8/13. All loaded fine but still no 8.

      Uninstalled 8 and re-installed 7.. same results..undid 7 and re-did 8...same...  Found all(?)downloads for XP on MS site. Did a security update for IE-8(second listed and dated 1/-/13. Was a need for restart after install, and this condition happened. I didn't write down the patch number. I know I can do roll back to 7/-/12 or so, but this is risky(for me) and what I'd really like to do if I did a rollback is rollback to before the updater problems started.(8/-/11)

      It would be much easier if I could just fix whats broke. 


    Tuesday, January 29, 2013 4:59 PM




    Based on my research, I would like to suggest the following:

    1. Register the dll file referring to the following KB article:

    You cannot open a new Internet Explorer window or nothing occurs after you click a link

    2. Check if it works in Safe Mode; if so, please try to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot the issue:

    How to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8


    Nicholas Li
    TechNet Community Support

    Thursday, January 31, 2013 7:40 AM