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  • My client would like to run a report by project. A project can have multiple sub-tasks and each sub-task can have additional tasks.  Each additional task has 6 sections on the report which all need to be separated by page breaks.  The report need to separated by the additional tasks so in the example below I would have 18 pages of reports, grouped by Sub task and Additional task.  How do I group this report to make it work correctly?  Would sub-reports work better - still having trouble with the grouping issue as well on those.


             Sub task 1

                          Additional Task1

                          Additional Task 2

             Sub Task 2

                          Additional Task 1

    Thursday, November 13, 2014 8:55 PM


  • Hi Dan,

    According to your description, we are not clear about the “6 sections for each Additional task”. Do you mean six data records? If so, based on my understanding, there are three groups and eighteen records in your report. You want to make those records appear on eighteen separated pages, right?

    In Reporting Service, we can add a page break to groups within data regions to control the amount of information on each page. In your scenario, you should add page break to group “Sub task”, group “Additional Task” and details. As we tested in our environment, add page break to these records, the report appears in eighteen pages. Please refer to steps below:
    1.On Group Properties of Details1, choose “Between each instance of a group” option on Page Breaks page. Please refer to screenshot below:

     Choose same option on Group Properties for group “Month” and “Name”.
    2.Click drop-down button next to Column Groups, then choose Advanced Mode.
    3.Click on Static under Row Groups, set RepeatOnNewPage as True in Tablix Member Properties.
    4.Click Preview, the results before and after adding page break look like below:

    If you still have any question, please post some detail information or screenshot about the report design you expect.
    Best regards,
    Qiuyun Yu

    Monday, November 17, 2014 8:33 AM