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  • Hello geeks :)

    I have some problems with Project professional and seems it is a product problem. I want to know your opinion about this.
    We have a project server 2007 named PRSRV. I have  a project pro 2007 on my machine.
    I open projects from server PRSRV using cmd prompt, according to

    The problem is the following: If I try to open a project, when other one is already opened, I got an error message, which states that the name of the project is incorrect and so on. If I open the project, when Project Pro is closed, all is fine.
    And one more thing, this error occures only with server projects. When I try to open project, which is on my machine,I got no error.

    The command line I used is:

    winproj.exe /S "https://PRSRV /pwa"   "<>/project_name"


    So, as we like to say, 
    guys I need your help :)


    Vahagn Nahapetyan Blogs :
    Wednesday, July 27, 2011 2:48 PM


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