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    I am confused about Windows Vista's Bitlocker Encryption .......

    I searched the web and found that Bitlocker first performs Operation
    System Integrity check and sees that whether booting is being done from
    the same partition as earlier......What does this mean ????

    Then it says that Bitlocker then finds encryption key from a TPM (a
    microchip ) or a Flash drive and decrypts all the files and starts up
    the system ...... ok I got this one ....

    But confusion is that its being said that If our PC is stolen or lost
    then no one can see any of the files that we have stored on the hard
    dive ......

    How is this possible ???

    I mean lets say that a thief steals a whole PC and starts it at his home then wont he be able to start the computer ????

    Because TPM is right there inside the CPU on the motherboard...

    So if the thief has got TPM and the encryption key inside it then
    obviously the PC will start normally if thief knows the password and

    But its written in the forums that all the data will be in encrypted form and thief would not be able to read any files .....

    I mean how come is that ???

    Also if the encryption key was on a flash drive /pen drive....and if
    the thie has not stolen that flash drive...then it is understandable
    that the thief will not be able to start the PC ........because
    obviously the thief does not possess the encryption keys....

    Plzz somebody tell me what's going on ????

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008 2:20 PM