Upgrading \ installing R2 agents - do they still try and install SP1 hot fixes? RRS feed

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    I've posted this on Kevin Holmans hot fix blog but thought it might be useful to ask here as well. Just a question about upgrades.

    After the core components have been upgradedto R2, should the SP1 .msp files be removed from the relevant agentmanagement directories? Just wonder whether an R2 agent, when you install it will try to install the old SP1 hot fixes? And whether when you approve and upgrade an SP1 agent to R2 whether it will still try to reapply old hot fixes?



    Wednesday, May 27, 2009 10:41 AM


  • No, the R2 agent will not try to install the old SP1 msp.
    Rob Kuehfus | System Center Operations Manager | Setup and Deployment Program Manager
    Wednesday, May 27, 2009 7:18 PM