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  • Regarding the SCSM Sizing Helper for Service Manager 2010 Beta ( SM_Sizer.xlsm ) I have only a sort question. We are evaluating this product for a company size more than 90.000 Users, something like 350.000 CI's in the CMDB expected. Is the "Scenario 6-8 / Advanced Deployments" the one that can fit our needs ? Will SCSM in the final version handle this number of USERS and CI's ... or possibly more ? Do we have to keep in mind any special requirements for a global architecture ? Thanks so far for your answers.

    kind regards Hartmut Simon ¦ IT Solution Consultant ¦ PM
    Thursday, October 22, 2009 8:51 AM


  • Hartmut -

    At this time we are not communicating final guidance on the scalabiltiy of Service Manager 2010 as we are still doing performance and scale testing. 

    At a high level though, scalability really depends on at least three different factors:
    1) How many users are concurrently and actively using the system?
    2) How much data do you need to store - when you say there will be 350,000 CIs - is that 350,000 computers or are you including other CIs like software titles, computer components, Operations Manager service component objects, etc.?
    3) What scenarios do you want to use Service Manager for?  Incident only, Change Management only?  Self-service portal?  Do you plan to use the Provance Asset Management MP?

    Then the next question to think about is if there are some logical breakdowns where you can deploy multiple instances of Service Manager (possibly with a central data warehouse to consolidate the data.  Could you deploy one instance of Service Manager for each geographic region? for each major department or subsidiary company?  one instance of SM for asset/config/change mgmt and another for incident management?

    Once you get over about 20,000 users/computers it starts to become a pretty interesting conversation...  and probably too long of a discussion for a TechNet Forum post.  :)

    If you would like to discuss more in detail, please feel free to contact me offline.
    Travis Wright Senior Program Manager Lead Microsoft
    Saturday, October 24, 2009 5:04 AM