How to turn off file Irm (Information Rights Management)


  • Hi,

    Can someone explain to me why it is not possible to turn off an IRM for a single sharepoint file ?

    I have tried following scenario (IRM turned on in O365 Admin and SP Online Administration):

    1. Turned on IRM for a library Library -> Settings > Information Rights Management

    2. Programmatically checked "IrmEnabled" and "InformationRightsManagementSettings" list properties using CSOM in powershell

    2A. IrmEnabled = true and InformationRightsManagementSettings various properties are also set up

    3. Uploaded one file (PDF) to this library and tried to view it in browser - got a screen with some information that this file is protected.

    4. Copied protected file to another library which has IRM turned off and once again tried to view it in browser - it's still protected.

    Ok so it seems that everything's working as it should be, but... what if now I would like to turn off IRM for this particular file ?

    And here comes a surprise! If we check File properties we will see that IrmEnabled = false and InformationRightsManagementSettings properties are empty. Why these properties are not set even if file is still being protected ? Is it possible to turn off IRM for a single File ?

    Saturday, June 11, 2016 10:39 AM

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