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  • Dear Community Members/Team,

    I came across an error/bug while using Filter and AutoFilter options in Microsoft Project 2010. The details are as under:

    • I have an MS Project 2010 file which has total 3049 activities (IDs).
    • The linking process (predecessors and successors) is almost complete.
    • In MS Project 2010 software console, in the bottom left most corner, I have right clicked and enabled the options of "Filter" and "AutoFilter".
    • In the "View" tab located at top console, I have selected "[No Filter] against the "Filter" icon. Also, from the drop down arrow against the "Filter" icon, I have enabled "Display AutoFilter". As a result I can see drop down arrows in front of all columns displayed in the file.
    • I have displayed columns "Duration", "Start", "Finish", "Total Slack", etc.
    • I used the drop down arrow appearing in front of "Total Slack" column, and I can see some options. At the bottom I can see all the "Total Slack" values with scroll option available and all the boxes here are checked. I remove the check box in "Select All" field and manually select any random value such as "-11.17 wks".
    • To my surprise, some values when selected, they are displayed correctly with the relevant activities shown. However some of the values which I select are not appearing and the relevant activities are not shown and only empty rows are shown. So I use "Clear Filter" and try some other option.
    • Now, to find those activities, I have to click on the drop down arrow in front of "Total Slack" column, Go to "Filters", and select the last option "Custom". Now I select show rows where Total Slack "equals" and I select any value from drop down arrow appearing in front of "equals", I can see all those values of "Total Slack" and I randomly select the same value for e.g. "-11.17 wks". This time the relevant activity is displayed correctly which was not shown by using the above method of selecting a certain value by selecting a check box from drop down arrow appearing against any column.

    I hope to have a response from the community.



    Thursday, April 23, 2015 9:21 AM

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