changed default assigned user in RBS has no effect on tasks of users


  • Hello,


    - use CustomField RBS, where we type in the names of our departments

    - have generated serveral resources, at RBS we set the departments see above, at default assigned user we set the department leader

    now we have noticed this:

    in one department the leader has changed. therefore we changed for the ressource the default assigned user from OldLeader to NewLeader

    then we realized that the OldLeader has in his task-center still all the task as before, and the NewLeader can´t see all the pending task for his department, because they stick to the OldLeader

    How can we change this behaviour, because the tasks have to stick to the resouce/department, not depending on who is leader/default assigned user

    Thank you in advance

    Friday, November 9, 2018 11:42 AM