Query Editor misbehaves RRS feed

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  • I don't know if this has been reported or encountered by other users, but I've noticed that the Query Editor window in SP1 appears to lose track of the actual contents of a query after several edits.  I've seen cases where it colors non-comment lines as comments after entering an additional comment (/* */ style).  I've also seen it incorrectly report syntax errors on validation or execution, e.g. complaining about undeclared variables that are properly declared.  Closing and reopening the query resolves the issues.

    I also have a question - there appear to be two separate "save" operations.  The first time I press save after an extended edit, it appears to do a quick save.  If I press save again, it does a longer save process, during which a tmp file is created and destroyed in the same folder as my query file.  What's up with that?

    Tuesday, July 25, 2006 7:47 PM