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  • I have a lenovo running vista.  I installed AVG for virus protection and it quarantined a file which it considered to be a risk.  Ever since then the computer has had an inconsistent and minor boot issue.  I would start my computer up in the morning and it would boot all the way up, I'd enter my password and see my desktop as usual but there would be a pop-up error saying "Windows has encountered a critical issue and needs to reboot.  Save any programs you have open you will be logged off in one minute."  (paraphrased).  After one minute the computer would shut down then start back up.  I say "inconsistent" because this didn't happen every day ... probably two days a week out of five.  Once it shut down and restarted the first time it was usually ok from that point on ... until today.

    Today I turned on my computer and the vista screen showed that windows was installing updates steps 1 through 2 were completed and it was finalizing step 3.  Only the computer shut itself down and rebooted, again the computer was finalizing installation step 3 for updates.  Then the computer shut down again.

    This happened a few times.  I finally intervened and pressed F8 to start the computer in safe mode.  I checked the drivers and found a security protocol driver that had the little yellow upside down triangle with the ! in it.  When I double clicked that it said the driver was missing or not functioning properly.  I could find no way to auto-restore the driver so I tried a system restore through the start menu.

    The computer shut down, restarted and a Lenovo screen came up.  I can't even remember now what it said but the gist of it was that it was some kind of troubleshooting and resolution software.  It said that lenovo recommended I run four processes in order, each one had an icon.  The first was a virus scan, which I ran and it found nothing.  I can't remember what the second one was, the third was a system restore.  Pre-windows vista, system restore always meant restoring the system to a previously created restore point on a previous date.  I had used this several times in the past on other computers no problem.

    But this appears to be entirely different because it looks like lenovo is completely formatting my hard drive and trying to re-install vista!!!  NOOOO I have gallons of important client data, I can't lose all of it!  It didn't even give me the option to create a backup disk or anything!  So I am now looking at my computer and it says "Set Up Windows" Windows Vista Home Premium

    Is it too late?  Is my hard drive already wiped?
    Monday, November 16, 2009 4:57 PM