Implied authentication doesn't work with R Server Remote RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to run some sql queries from a remote R server session using mrsdeploy package with Trusted_Connection=True. This results in the error:
    Error in doTryCatch(return(expr), name, parentenv, handler);
      Could not open data source.

    I have changed the account running the RServe9.0.0.0 service to a domain account with access to the db's on the sql server. Then it works, but I don't want to use a generic account that has access to all db's.

    How can one configure MS machine learning server to use the creds of the logged in user in a remote R server session?

    My connection string is:
    sqlConnString <- "Driver=SQL Server;Server=<server>;Database=<database>;Trusted_Connection=True;" 

    Wednesday, February 19, 2020 9:30 AM