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  • I hoping someone might be able to help with this frustrating issue.

    I work on a project where we are using various versions of on-line SharePoint (2007/O365).  In order to quickly drag and drop folders we need to often open the document libraries by using the 'open in windows explorer view'.

    Using the same device, on occassion this works.  But often it gives a rather unhelpful message 'Your client does not support opening this list in Windows Explorer'. 

    I've searched for this issue over the net and confirm that the sites are added to the 'trusted' sites area and that the 'remember you credientials' is checked on logging in.However, the searches do not seem to apply to IE11/Win8.1 or on-line version of sharepoint (the suggested hot fix is not suitable)

    Only this morning, using the same device I was able, for a short while to open in explorer view, and then for no apparent reason, it began to display the error message.  I had changed nothing regarding settings or even closed the browser.

    Do you have any support/ideas/fixes on how to resolve this.

    Many thanks


    Friday, May 30, 2014 12:31 PM


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