Windows 7 destroys the IP configuration RRS feed

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  • My situations is not a new one. You can find it in many posts around the world. Just search Google for Event ID 1014 or 1006. (The events are results of a browser reporting them but they are result from something else.)

    I would like to add a little bit more information to stress the fact.

    This happens with Windows 7 but not with XP (on the same hardware).

    This is a random event and maybe is loosely correlated to the network traffic.

    I could have intensive network traffic for a long time between the events.

    When it happens I can see a high network burst on Windows Task Manager/Networking window. The burst has a pick of 100% of Link Speed. Usually, similar picks, when having started a browser for example,  are no more than 25%. It could happen when working with IE 8 and Chrome also or without browser at all. (When working with a browser I can feel the moment the event occurs.)

    I use only Microsoft Security Essentials as a protection.

    When I see the burst I start Networking Troubleshooter which eventually finds "Default Gateway is missing" (or something like that) and resets the Network Adapter.


    Then, ... it repeats ...randomly.

    If I cannot do a proper networking I switch to XP.


    Something to say about that?

    Friday, July 2, 2010 2:10 AM