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  • As mentioned in this post, I've been attempting to define dynamically composed virtual environments (VE) for browser suites.

    However, a more fundamental question is, how the heck do you go about sequencing Adobe flash?

    The offline flash installers do not present an option to change the default install path.

    Has anyone sequenced flash?

    Can anyone comment on the sanity of the possible sequencing plan (from a clean VM)?

    1. install the flash player as usual
    2. start the sequencer monitor
    3. copy the *.ocx files to the monitored drive/folder (Q:\flash10.425)
    4. somehow register the files (this one escapes me at the moment)
    5. close the sequencer
    6. use the DSC tool to list it as mandatory for a VE


    Is the only way to sequence flash player is to include it in a VE....i.e., flash cannot be a stand alone package in a composition.



    Sunday, April 25, 2010 3:12 AM


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