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  • I've been trying to burn movies to DVD medium for some time with no success. They simply won't play in my DVD player. I've tried several formats ~ .avi, .mpeg-2, wma, etc. And several different programs including Windows DVD maker. I've used DVD-R's, DVD+R's and DVD-RW's. All I've ended up with is a stack of coasters. My DVD player is a Samsung DVD D-2000, which should play all those disc types. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I do have one DVD-R that will play in my machine but I don't know what program was used to burn it, nor the format chosen in the settings. I DO know that the file system on the disc contains two folders. One AUDIO_TS folder ~ which is empty. And one VIDEO_TS folder which contains .BUP, .VOB and .IFO files. Perhaps if I knew what program creates these file types, I could duplicate that here.

    I would greatly appreciate any info you can provide, along with suggestions for the best burning software to use and burning techniques that work for you.

    I know this is not the proper forum to be posting this to. But nothing in the list describes my situation.

    Thank you,

    - Dean -

    Sunday, April 6, 2014 7:11 PM