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    In a nutshell, my company has impersonation turned off, so I am limited with my ability to make our SQL servers, Reporting Services and Sharepoint talk to eachother.  I am pulling data from a sql server using a database connection with a custom query and putting it in a dataview. 

    So the issue right now is I can see the data...but I can't sort it or apply a filter.  I can do a single grouping, but I can't do a multi-level or nested group (meaning group by more than one field).

    I can sort or filter the data in the query to the SQL server, but there are two issues, if I need to change the field being sorted I have to run a completely different database connection and the second is that filtering the data will again require multiple database connections as well as it delays teh display of information

    So...am I expecting functionality that isn't available?  Am I approaching this incorrectly?  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  I added a couple images of the method used to try and setup the sorting and filtering.  Notice that I am using the Common Data View Tasks to try and filter/sort.  I have also tried sorting in the Data View Properties and adding drop downs...grouping works but sorting does not.  So again...thank you for looking and any suggestions would be VERY MUCH appreciated!!


    Wednesday, April 11, 2012 4:53 PM


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