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  • I previously used windows xp and had one of my favorite programs installed on it, microsoft picture it 2000, yes i know its old, but its the only one that still uses the old style interface that was used in even older versions. It worked very well on windows xp and it does work on Vista too, but my HUGE annoying problem is why on earth would an older version of windows be able to show the thumbnails of all my "Picture IT" files (.mix) as viewable thumbnails in the windows explorer, same as any old jpeg file etc,  but in Vista does not!  I use to be able to quickly go scouting for the file I needed in windows explorer.  Now it shows nothing but a "Picture IT" symbol and will not show it as a picture of what it is!!  If Windows XP was capable of doing this, surely to goodness a newer version of windows is still capable of doing this???

    Another issue I am having, after just moving all of files from one computer to my new one, in XP, it was no problem to have your system files all shown and nothing hidden, I see Vista has those same options, which I appropriately unchecked  so everythign would be visible to me, but When I wanted to go into my user files, into document and settings and into the application data folders etc, they are all access denied!!  I wanted to drop in some of my old settings from other computer for my programs, but I can not even get into my folders. If I chose to show all system files and folders etc, why is it that I am getting access denied?  I do not have any other users listed for my computer, just myself as admistrator.
    Sunday, August 12, 2007 7:38 AM