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  • Hi,

    TMs report their status on 'My Wok' page on web app.

    My question: how should the TMs report a postpone in assignments Start date?

    My common sense was to enable the TMs to change the assignment start date. However, upon changing start date (and approval from the status manager) the task seems a bit strange on Project Professional: task's original start date is not changed, and there is a split from the original start date till the start date requested by the TM.

    I've noticed that the duration on duration field is not changed (as split is not calculated as duration), which is as expected. However, the difference between start and finish dates is greater than the original difference due to the split.

    This issue may have a negative impact on the schedule:

    1. Assuming original start date is in the past, and the TM postpones start date to a future date, the task is shown as 'Late' on status field. This is because original start date was not changed, and split created

    2. Though the TM's task is postponed, the slack for its predecessor task in not greater because TM's task start date is not postponed.

    3. If the PMO is to change the TM's start date on the Project Professional (start date was not updated, split created from original start date and requested start date), the split is also rescheduled respectively.

    How should TMs report postpone on start date? If this scenario described above a bug?

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011 4:39 AM


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