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  • We have a briefing book published to PAS and on one of the pages, it has Customers on Rows (or at least it Had).  When i opened the page today, the Rows was null and the grid showed an error "Empty Query Results..."  When I put the Customers back on Rows, it works, so I added the same page back to the book and then I published the book again.  I closed everything and reopened and the Rows were null again.  I am unable to publish this change.  I bounced PAS, I bounced my desktop, I deleted the page out of the book and re-created it, I deleted it again and then did an Open Cube to start fresh...all without working.  The only way I was able to get it to save was to totally delete the book and recreate all the pages and publish.  This is a fairly new cube without too many books/pages, but this seems to be not a very nice way to fix the issue.


    I think what has caused this, is the fact that on the Customer Dimension, we discovered that the key on the attribute was the Customer Name rather than the actual Key, so that if the customer name changes, but really is the same customer, it causes the Missing Data Wizard to invoke, which we really do not want for small spelling changes, so we changed the Key on the cube.  This did not cause the MDW, which i actually expected, it just removed the attribute from the setup panel.

    Has anyone else experienced this and how did you fix it without recreating from scratch all the views? Any Suggestions?





    Version 6.3.2216.168


    Sharon J
    Wednesday, November 17, 2010 12:17 AM