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  • I know this subject has already been addressed in "Strange folder behavior in left pane of Windows Explorer" but the subject is locked... (tired of reading about it MS?).

    But it is annoying to have that folder jump out from under the cursor when you are trying to navigate to a file in a deep folder structure. It's so much faster to expand a folder, go to the 3rd folder in the sub-structure, then to the 6th, then to the middle on (in a group of 25...?). Impossible to do with the way it's working now.

    I can understand the reasoning behind the present behaviour. W Explorer is positioning a maximum of the contents of a folder, this usually bring the parent folder to the top of the navigation pane. It's certainly convenient when you have few folders and few files in a folder, but otherwise it is a nuisance.

    I would suggest to keep the feature but add another feature: "Navigation Pane Pro"  :D

    Where you could disable this behaviour but, additionally, add other features. For example, increasing the navigation pane width when you expand a folder (when you have many levels, the folder name kinda disappears to the right). It could move, not suddenly, but accelerate and decelerate (very Mac like I would say  ;). I would be even more professional to allow the number of pixels by which the navigation pane would expand. I'm not a programmer, but I know this would be very easy to do for the pros at MS.

    I also know that MS likes to bring improvements to its products, just the way the tool bars work in Office since 2007 is an improvement in appearance and I have adapted to that. I can't say it speeds up my performance with these products but for Mr everybody it might appear as an improvement in intuitiveness usage.

    I cannot, however, get used to the jumping folders. I've been working with PCs (Mac and Win) for more than 20 years, I can use most feature in a very efficient manner (too efficient at times, it seems I can work only with $10,000 workstations, cheaper ones just don't react fast enough yet), but that navigation pane behaviour is not a winner.

    So, my question is: Dear MS, can you and will you offer us an alternative to this behaviour, and this, not in Windows 9, nor Windows 8, but in Windows 7 please?

    Sunday, June 10, 2012 7:06 AM