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  • Hi Everyone,

    For SharePoint site collection sometimes we face issue of ASP. NET throttling. While accessing a web page end users get error as Server is busy now. Try again later. Where as in event viewer it shows as Http throttling second stage starts because a heavy load was still detected on Multiplex Intranet. The excessive performance counters include: GBPDCPW102\ASP.NET\Requests Current: 906.00

    For the time being to tackle the issue, we have restarted the IIS and made throttling of from From Central admin.

    I want to exact cause and permanent solution for this issue

    When I check execute Get-SPWebApplicationHttpThrottlingMonitor for that web application, get the below output.

    Category                        : Memory Counter                         : Available Mbytes Instance                        : AssociatedHealthScoreCalculator : [3000.0,500.0,400.0,300.0,200.0,100.0,80.0,60 .0,40.0,20.0]

    Category                        : ASP.NET Counter                         : Requests Current Instance                        : AssociatedHealthScoreCalculator : [48.0,64.0,80.0,96.0,104.0,112.0,128.0,160.0,178.0,500.0]

    I want to understand, is that value set as shown above is correct or not. How can we understand what is correct value should be set for Memory and ASP. Net.  Do I need to increase the limit? What is upper and lower limit for Memory and ASP .NET? In bucket there is 10 value, which value indicate what. I am bit confused.

    As per above display, how can I understand what is present performance counter. It is ok, below or high for both memory and

    Suppose in a particular time more requests are coming to web server, from ASP.NET throttling perspective what value I have to set, so that it can take all asp .net request and as well as no issue in server health perspective.

    I have already gone through below article, but above point is not clear.

    Mohammad Nadeem Alam SME in Emirates NBD

    Saturday, September 28, 2019 8:40 AM

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