Visio documents not opening from SharePoint Online


  • Hi!

    I have a customer who has Visio documents stored in a SPO document library. When they try to open files to local Visio 2010 (32-bit) client they receive error. If they save files first on computer  and open locally it does work fine.

    Error is "Visio is unable to open the XML file. It does not contain valid XML. "
    Location for the XML problem is listed to be at Line,Column: 1,1

    Other Office programs are working fine with SPO as per customer's response. Local service desk has run Office Repair for the computer but this did not help.
    At a point I suspected this would be related to the issues with mso.dll in KB3101521 and earlier hotfixes but doesn't seem to be so as this is not installed and other Office programs are working fine.
    Total of 5 users have been reported to have this kind of issue so should not be a localized issue to one misconfigured machine.

    Any ideas what could be wrong and possible solutions? Thanks!

    Tuesday, February 16, 2016 1:23 PM