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  • So I've just graduated high school(WOO!) and I've completed 2 years of comp. sci., and a year and a half of web design. 

    In the latter year and a half, we were taught how to 'create' and apply our own icons.

    My problem lies with the display size of these icons, which are 255X255 pix... huge, right? However, in the explorer window, or anywhere for that matter, they stick to the "medium" size. I have slid the slider to "huge", but to no avail, as the 'footprint' was just increased, not the overall image. The default Windows icons have no issues, though.

    I've already tried the angle of "maybe my screen res is too big" at 1680X1050 it just might be, but no, that was not the cause.

    Is this just a quirk of Windows 7? If not, I would be ever so grateful for a solution.

    P.S.  The original images used for the icons, were downsized TO 255X255 FROM 512X512, so it can't be that the resolution of the original image was too small.

    Monday, July 8, 2013 6:40 AM