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  • I want to thank everyone for their suggestions.  I was confident that I could fix the problem myself, but I threw it out there because it was a very real problem that would have me seriously thinking about buying another laptop if I couldn't solve it.  Think how many people are out there, aggravated and frustrated. How pathetic is it that this is considered normal if you own a PC!  I was curious if anyone would come up with anything useful before I decided to fix the problem myself.
         My BIG complaint is that Windows has become the junk garbage pail for every computer Software and Hardware Vendor on the planet.  Take any Windows computer and type "msconfig" in the run box (except for windows 2000) and look at the startup tsr's and you'll see tons of unnecesary "junk" that has been thrown in there (without your knowledge or consent) by anyone and everyone who considers your PC and their own personal market basket just because you bought, or might buy, their software, much of it eating CPU cycles in the backround.  If you check it out on a fresh install of a stand-alone copy of Windows it will be empty or only have one or two items from the install. I have "fixed" inumerable PC's that have slowed to a crawl or are "crashing" (taking 1/2 hour just to load windows) by simply unchecking these boxes, and cleaning up the registry, though nothing fixes Windows like a fresh copy of Windows (if you have all the right device drivers).  Of the 15 or 20 (or more) entries you can probably get rid of all if not most of them.  (Once in a while I find one or two might that actually may be necessary or perform something useful). ONE of 15 tsr's on this Laptop was taking up a continous 57% of my backround cpu time at idle, a MICROSOFT tsr that I eliminated without any noticable affect.  I dumped 2 of these tsr's and my backround cpu usage went from 70% to 4%!!! and Microsoft was the problem. Problem solved, not by Microsoft!  Microsoft has to start showing first consideration to it's end-users and not be held hostage by the Worldwide Mega-Oligargy of Hardware and Software Venders by enforcing some standards upon them to protect the average PC user, but they won't do it because most new PC sales are because of a driver conflict, a bent and clogged registry or a software log jam.  A fresh Windows install would make even and old PC run like new.  People mistakenly think that their machine is getting old or worn out like an old car, but it is really because their Hard Drive is full of Junk.  Bent bits and bytes.  So I have just fixed my 5,000 th PC problem, no exaggeration, I've been a computer tech since 1984.  Fact is... I'm tired of it!  Most problems could be fixed or avoided by Microsoft and the PC Industry, but as long as they believe it is more profitable not to, their bottom line rules, and we are all a collective goose whose golden eggs are to be taken, and the internet will be overrun with hapless PC users trying to get their PC's to work right.   
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  • What is about??? You are confused on many points, computers slowed because of what trash apps folks install on them, microsoft does not do that,  the users does it.
    malware / spyware/ virus are installed by the user not microsoft.

    The computer I am posting this from is a XP pro build, an install from the first OEM system I built, back when XP was released, never a reload, never an issue, 59 processes running less than 15 % use.
    some folks just need to learn to say no. 

    I have over 100 systems under my control, 2000 / XP and now win7, in the last ten years I have had MAYBE ten systems in which I had to format / reinstall due to software issues NONE the fault of MS, they where all on me or my users.

    Maybe you should give http://onecare.live.com/site/en-us/default.htm a shot.

    I get PC's in the shop every week in which some "computer tech" / school IT group has not been able to clean up, in most cases a format / reinstall is not needed, nor wanted. 
    Sunday, July 26, 2009 3:56 PM
  • After using windows for around 13 years (i am still a student by the way, far from being professional), i dont feel windows is that bad. Normally there are bugs during Beta, RC version, and within the first few months, the OS would be a little unstable and face some problem with software from other venders. It is improving as far as i can see, for windows 7, but of course there are still rooms for improvement.

    However, i do agree that sometimes hardware venders would produce quite a lot of crappy software/application for the users. May be it is the response to the computer illiterated users for "more functions", vender wrote software which are duplicated with some of the feature that windows has already has. And it sometimes make computers really slow during start up. And those customised software are potential problem for the system in long run, such as being imcompitable after doing windows update or installing of service pack. It can be quite irritating sometimes.

    And talk about Junks, i do feel that some simple tools such as CCleaner can do the job of cleaning easily, and i am wondering why MS cant ship with software of this kind, or make it builtin to windows.

    I do fix / troubleshoot computer problems sometimes. Most of the problem users face are virus / trojan infection, install too many unnecessary toolbar / adware. After settling all those above, most of the time just need to run tools clean of all junks and do a disk defrag, the computer will be back to useable state. By the way, i love windows restore, it is something really useful for ordinary users. However, again, it is an additional feature that slow down your computer quite a bit. (I disabled system restore, it's hardly useful if you know what you are doing to the system.) I guess everything has trade off.

    May be, what microsoft can do is creating an interface easier for people to select and enable only function which they need to use. Some of the service are really useless for home / office people, and it is hard to disable them for non-IT trained people. Let them use what they need to use, it helps avoid problem as well =)
    Tuesday, July 28, 2009 2:17 PM