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  • Afternoon,

    We currently run a network with about 80 users.

    We are using Exchange 2003 and users are using Outlook 2003.

    One of the users on my network has reported a strange issue he is experiencing when receiving emails with attachments. When an email arrives in his inbox with an attachment (e.g 2Mb PDF file) it will often display in his inbox as a file roughly double that size. So the email may for example have a 2Mb attachment, but will display as 4Mb total file size of the email.

    If this user then forwards the email on, it will actually increase in size, but only in his inbox.

    So the original email of 2Mb, which displays as 4Mb, will become 8Mb when forwarded. When checking his sent items, the email will be its original size of 2Mb, however he is left with an 8Mb email in his inbox.

    This appears to only occur with external email coming into our network. It appears to only be happening to this one user. It happens randomly (some emails display correct sizes, others anywhere from 50-200% increase in size), and doesn’t seem to be linked to any particular file type as it has occurred with PDF, DOC, XLS, CSV, JPG, TIFF and BMP.

    Interestingly if he forwards the email, but removes the attachments, the email will still increase in size in his inbox and be its original size in his sent items.

    His profile and mailboxes have been recreated. This did not fix the issue. Word is not his mail editor, this feature has been turned off but to no avail. If I get the sender to resend the email with attachments to myself and the user in question; I will receive the email, as it should be, however the user will receive an email roughly double that size.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone would like anymore details then please let me know and I will test and provide results.

    Much appreciated,

    Nic H


    Friday, July 22, 2011 1:29 PM


  • Hi
       Do you install any disclaimer software on client? It will increase size of email.
       You can do easy test to narrow down the problem. You can log on outlook on your desktop by his account.  Can you receive big attachment?
       YES: You set special policy to his account. You should check it on exchange serve. The easiest way is to export his mailbox by pst and delete recreate his account.
       NO: The error is on your client OS or office. You have to remove office clearly and reinstall it.
    Monday, July 25, 2011 2:48 AM