Family Safetey. Remove this feature from windows. RRS feed

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  • The system you have so "graciously" decided to have "provided" to us users of windows 10. Is a non functioning piece of trash.
    I have no family of my own. I have no kids. I did not even ENABLE family safety, and yet its features are still enabled.
    With this system in place. It is not possible for me to:
    Download files, install games, etc. because of something in that system that interferes with downloads.
    I have to switch into SAFE MODE to download anything. and not EVERYTHING runs in SAFE MODE. so live streaming does not help

    You are TECH, correct? DO your jobs. This kind of incompetence from an established company, is unacceptable.
    My Twitch stream was totally RUINED today, this may have also corrupted my videos.

    I want more than just some run around about changing settings... and ultimately nothing getting fixed.
    If "mothers" want child safety so bad...... they should actually BE PARENTS THEN and monitor their childs online behavior,
    or provide this thing as a separate app that can be uninstalled in case of malfunction, as is the case with what is going on now.

    Do a single google search for problems related to this system, and you will end up with a plethora of results, all saying the same thing.
    Some say its the ISP, some say its a specific browser. It is actually THIS system, as I have confirmed it. Family Safety does not run in SAFE MODE, all applications run as they should. More than likely I get a huge performance boost.

    I want this extra crap removed from the operating system. For gamers, like me, who need PERFORMANCE. Extra crap like what you at microsoft keep putting into the system, does not help any.

    Thank you, though I very much DOUBT any good will come of it.. BTW, I am also making sure that EVERYONE knows about this issue.... and how they can get around it.

    Sunday, September 6, 2020 11:37 PM