ALL and ALL Except not working in the measure


  • I have the following measure with DATESINPERIOD. In the below measure, configurable values is a table and consumption period is the column. I am trying to calculate sum of demand planning table qtyissuedfromstore column for all dates irrespective of dates in period. 

    This measure works fine but does not give me the total sum of the quantites. I tried using ALL and ALLEXCEPT but i did not get any result. Any information is helpful. 

    =CALCULATE(SUM('Demand Planning'[QtyIssuedFromStore]),DATESINPERIOD('Activity Date'[FullDate],LASTDATE('Activity Date'[FullDate]),0-MAX('Configurable Values'[Consumption Period]),DAY))


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    Friday, April 20, 2012 6:44 PM


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