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    Someone please advise.. any insight is greatly appreciated even if you have to point me in another direction

    We are a client server style house with hundreds of clients (servers) throughout several states with their individual worker client workstations running instances of our main app.

    Its financial by the way. 

    As we replace the core application with a .NET version as a shell --- if you will---- with a UI to present other "modules" / applications to the users from this unified shell or parent application,

    We desire to Lock away the OS & Windows features while still exposing specifics like workstation login or (hidden) Network access - of course as the applications hit corporate servers and the like..as well as their own stores servers.  I'm looking for something like you see at fast oil change places or the new standard at most mid sized retail outlets ...where you know its on Windows but you can't ---ctrl alt del----or do any funny stuff to get windows to "react". The user is stuck in the corporations main app, and can only access related functionality as served up from this main app..... including internet...    Is this Steady State something I should be looking into seriously or is it not enough for my desired goal as explained.

    I like the potential of having specific workstations at a store have access to email clients Office suites etc   but the majority of other terminals just being dumb corporate application specific workstations. Where you cant even check your internet mail, or read a usb drive !!




    Friday, August 6, 2010 1:23 PM


  • Hi, Windows SteadyState can set several restrictions maybe suit for your desire :

    1 lock profile to prevent the user from making permanent changes

    2  allow only programs in the Program files and Windows folder to run, or you can block program which you want in “Block Programs”

    3 prevent write access to USB devices

    4 you can prevent user to access internet, or use Web Addresses Allowed to let user visit the web which you have set


    After all, Windows SteadyState provides many options  to set restrictions for user and you can select a restriction level by default to see if there is a level is suitable for your desire.

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