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  • I have recently became a victim of hacking,i believe? during which I have encountered infections in all my pc"s.was wondering,does Microsoft offer the sysinternals tools?. such as process explorer and process monitor? I would like to add that I have been getting attacked for the last 40 plus days,and thru my research I am convinced thisvirus?/is something I am almost positive,has not been discovered. I have watched many youtube videos in regards to virus types etc.what I have encountered is much much worse.most likely you will not believe me either, but if your able to hack into my former gmail account the evidence is there in my google drive.the infection has charachteristics of the Stuxnet, cyc,admin,winlog in and rats all rolled into one.the alarming thing I noticed is, I have seen it build software devices listed in device manager??,from what I can tell it is communication devices, and the device is built out of windows components, print spoolers etc, I realize that most likely it is being remotely controlled and have found the evidence of that also.I have no idea why they are doing this?. they have not asked for money or made threats?,SEEMS THE ONLY MISSION IS TO KEEP ME ISLOATED, this is the first time I have been able to get online since the end of march,right before I was /or before my phone went crazy, I had learned that my gmail had been more or less taken over and my password had been changed several times without any notifications to me, I downloaded an archive with onlineip tracker running. the evidence I am speaking of shows the images/png images originated from google servers?. anyi need help, all the software and programs I have tried cannot format the harddrives?, KEEPS SAYING UNKNOWN DEVICE STRING AND THIS INFECTION BORDERS ON A.I. HAVE WATCHED ALMOST ALL OFFERED ON YOU TUBE AND SO FAR I HAVENT SEEN ANY VIRUS OR MALWARE THAT EVEN COMES COSE TO THIS, IT BUILDS A PARTITION IN YOU HDD, THAT IS INVISIBLE TO YOU, LOOKS TO BE LOADED WITH EVERYKNOWN WINDOWS LISCENCE ALSO. I WATCHEWD THE GUY FROM MICROSOFT SHOWING THE SYSINTERNAL TOOLS AKA PROCESS MONITOR AND PROCESS EXPLORER.YES ITIS TRUEI AM NO COMPUTER EXPERT, BUT HAVE SEEN ENOUGH TO KNOW, NOBODY IS SAFE FROM THIS,SAD THING IS IF YOU ARENT A VERY OBSERVANT PERSON, YOU WONT EVEN KNOW ITS THERESEEMS TO BE A HYBRID, TRIED TO CONTACT SEVERAL ANTI-VIRUS COMPANIES TO SUBMIT THE INFO ON MY GOOGLE DRIVE BUT SO FAR I AM DOWN 6 PCS AND 4 PHONES,KEEPS SENDING ME MALICIOUS FILES FROM THE SAMSUNG CLOUD AND GOOGLE, ALSO DEPENDING ON THE PC IT INFECTS, IT ALSWAYS TAKES OVER THE MOST POWERFUL PROGRAM THAT IS SENSESEXAMPLE.   LAST 2 PHONES, NO NAME ASSOCIATED WITH THEM, NO EMAIL ADDRESS OF ANY KIND YET IN 30 MIN I BING INFECCTED,I AM BEGGING FR HELP, ALL MY FRIENDS THINK I AM CRAZY BUT I CAN PROVE IT . HAVE WATCHED SCI-FI ETC ALL MY LIFE, NOTHING ON ANY OF THOSE SHOWS COME CLOSE TO THINGI HAVE EVER ENCUNTERED, IT CAN AT WILL DECIDE YOU CANNOT BOOT IT UP, OR BLOCK ACCESS TO CERAJM. every time I tried to submit the evidence,cant cuz they shut down m e mail. OH I FORGOT, ALL SOFTWARE ON HIRENS BOOT CD, WAS UNABLE TO RECOGNIC DEVICE, IT ALSO MODIFIES COMMAND PROMPTS AND WILL LIE TO YOU, THE OPEN SOUCE PROGRAM, TREE SIZE, AND OUTPOST SECURITY SEEMS TO BE THE BEST TO ACTUALLY SEE IT AND COMBAT AGAINS T

    Saturday, May 26, 2018 11:09 AM