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  • Hey ya'll,

    It's Cliff from Texas. I'm trying to figure out a way to deny access to some folders.

    My goal is to prevent some spammy programs from installing in spite of my clients inability to "uncheck" the box.

    When I visit my client sites, I keep seeing this crap on their PCs.

    I have identified the folders created by the program and would like Windows to block the install - regardless of what the client does / or doesn't do.

    I want to do this using command prompt so I can create a quick batch file to do so.

    Am I on the right path? Can you help

    Saturday, November 2, 2019 6:53 PM

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  • Have you looked at Controlled Folder Access?

    What "crap" are you trying to block? 

    Update: Another thought... years ago there was a virus making the rounds and one of the ways to block it was to create a file with a certain name that the virus's install process could not handle. So instead of try to mess with denying access, you could try creating a file with the folder name.

    For example, if the crap installs itself into c:\program files\xxxx, then create a file named xxxx and set its attributes to system/hidden/readonly. Try that. You can also set it to read only with icacls.  

    echo > xxxx
    attrib xxxx +r +s +h
    icacls xxxx /grant everyone:r /inheritance:r

    Saturday, November 2, 2019 7:38 PM