Resource Request view - Loading issues RRS feed

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  • Noticed something hapenning on my Project Online tenant starting Friday, 9/9/16. The issue is occuring regardless if Timesheet view is selected or not.

    If I go into Resource Center, select team members on a specific team (13 named resources, 1 generic) and view the 'Resource Requests' for these resources, I am getting an issue.

    When I group by resource, it will load the first 34 engagements (39 including group by rows in yellow) - then will display 'Loading' within the Resource Requests table.

    It completes the load, then loads the last 37 engagements (46 rows including group by rows) and I cannot scroll back up to the top engagments that were there before the loading screen.  If I go back to the Resource Center and click Resource Requests, I can then view the top resources (the bottom have not been loaded yet) and the issue repeats itself when scrolling down.

    Also, I know based on a report that I have against the engagements table that I have 76 engagements for the resources that I have selected. 

    Has anyone experienced this before?  Is this expected?  It is very irritating to have to go back and refresh the page to view the top resources again.

    Thursday, September 15, 2016 4:38 PM