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  • I completed all available Windows Updates and proceeded to add the WSUS role on Server 2012R2.  I chose the default WID database and the role addition was seemingly successful.  Unfortunately, the Post-deployment Configuration failed.  A log file had been created in the AppData\Local\Temp folder but at initial glance it seemed to imply that my error was likely due to skipping a step during installation via PowerShell, however, I didn't install using PowerShell.

    Upon closer inspection the specifics of my error were right there for me, I just had to look at it long enough to decipher the details.  What I now read is that Post-deployment configuration finds a file called UpdateServices-Services.xml (I found it in Windows\System32\ServerManager\ComponentConfiguration\). 

    It determines that ContentLocal=True which correctly indicates that my updates are to be stored locally.  It proceeds to inquire about the ContentDirectory, but comes back without a value. 

    Here are my UpdateServices-Services.xml file contents:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><INSTANCE CLASSNAME="ServerComponent_UpdateServices_Services"><PROPERTY NAME="ContentDirectory" TYPE="string"></PROPERTY><PROPERTY NAME="ContentLocal" TYPE="boolean"><VALUE>true</VALUE></PROPERTY></INSTANCE>

    I can see that the ContentLocal property did indeed have the value true, but the ContentDirectory property did not have a value.  I now needed to figure out if a String value could be specified in the same way a Boolean value was, or if it needed quotes around it, or was supposed to be specified more like an attribute (learned about that somewhere along the way). 

    My UpdateServices-Services.xml now looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><INSTANCE CLASSNAME="ServerComponent_UpdateServices_Services"><PROPERTY NAME="ContentDirectory" TYPE="string"><VALUE>C:\LocalMSUpdateCache</VALUE></PROPERTY><PROPERTY NAME="ContentLocal" TYPE="boolean"><VALUE>true</VALUE></PROPERTY></INSTANCE>

    Now when I launch Post Installation Tasks it takes a little longer to fail and this is the log generated:

    2015-02-06 10:40:50  Postinstall started
    2015-02-06 10:40:50  Detected role services: UI, WidDatabase, Services
    2015-02-06 10:40:50  Start: LoadSettingsFromXml
    2015-02-06 10:40:50  Start: GetConfigValue with filename=UpdateServices-Services.xml item=ContentLocal
    2015-02-06 10:40:50  System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.UtilConstants' threw an exception. ---> System.IO.InvalidDataException: Invalid installation directory
       at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.SetupInfo.GetInstallDirectory()
       at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.UtilConstants..cctor()
       --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
       at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.PostInstall.GetConfigValue(String filename, String item)
       at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.PostInstall.LoadSettingsFromXml()
       at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.PostInstall.Initalize(Parameters parameters)
       at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.PostInstall.Execute(String[] arguments)

    I am at a lost.  Please help and thanks in advance!!

    Friday, February 6, 2015 7:15 PM


  • The text in this post is almost way too similar to the text in this thread from July, 2013, but that's where you'll find the answer.

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