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  • Hi all!  Trying to get SLD 2.0 installed.  when I run the msi on my moss server, i get an error stating cannot contact SQL server.

    OK, some info.  SCOM mgmt group in in a different domain from moss server, seperated by firewal.  There is a one way trust between domains.  Domain where moss is trusts domain where SCOM is, but not other way around.  From the moss server I can ping the SQL server where OpsDW resides.  I can also telnet to SQL on 1433.

    One thing I'm not clear about.  Docs say I need admin priv on servers app is installed on.  I assumed this to be admin (local??) on the moss server.  This being the case, what access would the install have to the SCOM DW?  Am I missing something here??
    Thursday, December 10, 2009 6:08 PM


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    I don't think the architecture will work due to the trusts (or lack of).

    When you install the SLD, you are presented with a window where you need to enter (amongst other things), an operations manager username which is for the appliation pool identity. This creates a SQL role on the OpsMgr data warehouse and assigns this account to that role. What user are you specifying here? If you specify a user from your MOSS domain then it won't be able to authenticate with the OpsMgr domain as the OpsMgr domain doesn't trust the MOSS domain. I don't see how this will work from an untrusted domain.

    The error might also refer to the MOSS sql server - did you actually install the full version of SQL Server for MOSS? Or did you use SQL Server Express \ embedded (which is not supported for the Service Level Dashboard)?



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