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  • Hi, i have some problems with some files that prevents my game from starting up, assasin creed origin. been talking back and forth with Uplay about troubleshooting and the issues why it wont start, this was my latest response:

    After reviewing the msinfo file, we can see that your system reports errors with some of the Microsoft files like ntdll.dll, kernelbase.dll, etc. These are system files that our game needs. It's possible these are corrupt in parts of the file that we try to access or maybe there are different versions of the same file whereas others are in temp folders.

    Some of our players could fix this first by reinstalling Windows, but if I were you, I would search the web for a response from Microsoft on how to fix these files to see if this could get the game started again.

    In the msinfo file under [Windows Error Reporting] you may also find more errors about some TEMP folders. We would suggest that the contents of these are deleted after rebooting your PC. Afterwards do another restart so there is no reference to files in these folders.

    Hopefully you can avoid a reinstallation of windows.

    Tuesday, December 19, 2017 1:31 PM