Windows 7 text size adjustment negatively effecting Office 2007 applications RRS feed

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  • Under Win7 Pro 64 bit, Control Panel -> Display, you have the option of adjusting size of text and other items on your screen (from 100% up to 150%). This was also an option under WinXp, so I am well familiar with it.  However, what's different this time under Win7, is that now when you adjust text size via this control, not only does it make changes to your operating system text size, but it also effects Office 2007 applications such as Excel. This is a big problem. 

    I have many Excel worksheets with charts that were created with specific size requirements for presentations.  If I now change the text size of the operating system (because I have poor eyesight) this creates a huge problem for me.  I would have to go back and re-configure hundreds of individual charts. 

    Question: is there any way to tell Win7 to NOT change the size of my Office 2007 applications when I adjust the text size under the Control Panel.  Is there a registry key somewhere that is forcing this change, which can be disabled.

    I had a similar issue with Win7 and Office 2007 that I was able to fix recently.  Win7 was forcing "clear type" fonts in Office 2007, and was not offering any option to disable the clear type font.  Eventually I was able to find a registry fix that gave me back control.  So I'm looking for something similar to take back control of "text size." 

    Thanks and happy newyear to all.
    Friday, January 1, 2010 2:09 PM