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  • Lawyers, Doctors, Medical Researchers, all persons holding "protected data", and members review Boards of Directors of Institutional Review Boards:

    A  vastly experienced lawyer, I can say using tradition consumer available products violates "reasonable" standard as in force in a vast majority of the world's bars regarding the safekeeping of client data, protected health data, information  that could effect stock prices such as emails should never in bulk except by preinstalled and physically installed private and public keys for back up and encryption should touch a public cloud period.

    in fact the only place for them are surely offline ad encrypted and call forth through a very small window. Programs should be virtualized and all off a days' work and personal setting pulled back into a roaming profile resting in an encrypted state. That two-fold verification be the minimum while third form factor being highly advised for entry through a premoium level VPN into a device under full management by the office, not generally used, by the worker for personal matters-

    Toughs who don't agree,I believe you to be in breach of your duty to protect and should never have a device with client data attached at all to the internet. Only highly skill installed network could be able to mix the online and stored data of a client, patient r human research subject. 

    All and any lawyer or enforcement agency, all health care facilities from the small office to major tertiary and research medical.

    using any thing but is violation of you professional dutoes, especially licenced ones. 

    John Lawton McBrayer, Esq 

    Attorney at Law 

    Medical Research and Ethics Professional 

    jmcbrayer@umass.edu (a return student) 

    mcbrayerintlawfirm@outlook.com (assume all to this address to be a post card) 

    The system has not kept up with the criminal element to any degree and one CIO of Cisco Systems we must Democratize Internet and Computer Security. For them a layering approach is a highly effective one. I am train to use that one as the highest levels of consumer ultra-products are not unfoolable, quite to the opposite are easily breached, and therefore not reasonable. 

    John Lawton McBrayer, Esq, 

    Member Kentucky and Montana and for foreign clients the United State's Supreme Court (the nation's highest court officially) 

    Thursday, March 12, 2020 9:17 PM