AutoLogon will only work on reboot


  • I have a group of domain joined machines, with a WLAN GPO that uses RADIUS to authenticate with domain user creds.

    Ive used Sysinternals autologon.exe to store the default pass in LSA Secret

    On a cold boot, the machine comes up to the logon UI, with last logged on user, and "other user"

    If I reboot from that screen without logging in, the autologon takes over and logs the correct domain user in and connects to the wifi. 

    Basically, autologon works flawlessly on reboot, but acts like it isnt even present on a cold start.

    I've checked the usual culprits like AutoLogonCount, LegalText, Exchange Active Sync policies (all of which are not present)

    Im not sure what else could be causing this headache, but would like to resolve without spending $1000 on LogonExpert

    Friday, May 11, 2018 3:14 PM

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