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  • Can anyone help me with Due Diligence Questionnaire for Exchange 2010 and OCS 2007 R2 ?

    Is this the right forum to pharse the question else guide me ....... Thanks in Advance !!!!

    Regards Sandeep Swarup S

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  • People might have some suggestions for you here, but I also suggest that you ask your question in the Exchange and Lync forums:




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  • Hi All,

    I am looking for Exchange 2010 Due Diligence Questionnarie. Can anyone help ??

    Regards Sandeep Swarup S

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  • Hi All, 

    Finally i got some questionnaries to share for exchange 2010 & ocs 2007 r2. If it helps you all anytime during a new project build phase:

    Exchange 2010 Questionaries
    • Identify all the Exchange servers and their functionality ( Mail / Public folder servers / Gateways etc..)
    • Describe the Exchange Organization Structure
    • Is the Exchange directory synchronized with any other data stores (e.g. lotus notes.. etc)
    • Do you run Virus checking software on each of your Exchange Mail servers? If yes, what is the product used?  
    • Do you run Virus checking software on your SMTP/Internet gateways currently?   If so, what is the product used?
    • Do you have an Exchange organization diagram that can be provided?
    • Identify basic configuration of the Exchange Servers as model, OS version, quantity of processors and processor’s speed, amount of memory, disk configuration and disk space
    • List of the software & licences provided by PACCAR
    • Is hardware sizing already planned. In case yes, so provide the BOM or the model of servers.
    • List all the VLANs in exisiting infrastructure.
    • List the public folder structure
    • Are we going to use the existing public certificate (Verisign for Exchange)?
    • Is there any local certificate server to issue the internal certificates?
    • Is there any application using relay servers if yes provide the details?
    • What are the services offered by current exchange servers? (OWA, etc.)
    • What are the client versions currently in use to access the emails?
    • What are the current global settings in exchange environment?
    • What are the Mailbox Quota policies implemented in exisiting environment?
    • What are the Email address policies?
    • Is there any archiving solution running in the current environment?
    • What are the Internet Domains (i.e. etc) handled by the Exchange environments today
    • What is the volume (# of msgs per day/week) of Internet mail – in/outbound
    • Maximum Mail size allowed on Network (in/outbound)
    • What is the organization name?
    • What is the max message attachment size allowed?
    • What type of gateways servers are in current environment? Is there Exchange Smart Host  / any other third party product?
    • How does the exchange environment relay mails to internet (Directly via DNS Lookup or by forwarding mails to a Internet/ISP Relay Host)
    • Version of Trend Antivirus for Exchange? Do we have contract in place with Trend?
    • Total number of actual users for migration.
    • Total number of VIP users in the current environment and their quota limit too.
    • Contact person from Support Team (AD / Exchange)
    • Is there any growth planning regarding database space?
    • Is there any Exchange layer monitoring tools deployed in the Exchange environment today
    • What is the expected or observed growth trend in the Exchange environment in terms of new server that would need to be comissioned?  (e.g. 5% growth per year)
    • Are there any Enhanced Messaging service provided by Exchange - e.g. Blackberry Enterprise Server, etc.?
    • Do you have Fax servers (What is the product name of the Fax servers,How many Fax servers,Do all users have fax from/to capability.
    • Are we planning to use existing backup solution?
    • What is the current Backup/Restore environment? 
    • How often are online backups is taken?
    • What is the current backup strategy for Exchange files and Exchange application databases?  i.e.  Incremental backup’s daily and full backups weekly?
    • What is the backup retention policy?
    • Is there a backup and recovery team?
    • Is any Exchange specific backup agent being used
    • Is it current practice to send selected backup tapes off-site
    • Is there a backup verification/validation process
    • Is there a backup job monitoring process?  (e.g. monitor for job failure)
    • Are end users authorized to request mail file restores
    • What is the average number of restores per month
    • How many backup versions are required by the current policy?
    • what is current backup and restore policy?  
    • Does current policy require annual/semi-annual D.R. testing
    • What is the percentage of exchange servers that can be decomissioned (if any) and do you have a process to identify and perform this task?
    • List the email filtering policies
    • Share the current design & process documents of trend antivirus for exchange.
    • Bandwidth available between DC & DR
    • List of storage groups & their size.
    • Bandwidth of local LAN
    • Identify third party tools/application running on Exchange servers.
    • Any other connectors to other e-mail systems.

    Regards Sandeep Swarup S

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012 7:18 PM
  • OCS 2007 R2 Questionnarie:
    • If more than one pool, how many number of users per pool
    • Are they using any third party application for web conferencing, AV conferencing 
    • Are the OCS server (FE and other roles) virtualized
    • Do they have High Availability for the server roles as well
    • What is the current AD structure - is it single forest single domain or single forest multi domain
    • What is the current domain functional level and forest funtional level
    • Is the federation enabled for the external users
    • Is there any fedrated domains handled by the OCS environments 
    • Do they have PIC users
    • Does the SIP domain matches the AD domain naming convention
    • What is the volume (# of msgs per day/week) of Internet – in/outbound
    • Maximum Message size allowed on Network (in/outbound)
    • Do you implement disclaimers for instant messages
    • What is the current Disaster Recovery Plan for OCS Applications
    • Please provide a copy of the current Disaster Recovery plan, if any
    • What is the current Backup/Restore environment? 
    • Is there any specific/general documentation about this environment?
    • Is the OCS Archiving, Monitoring and File Server database is collocated with the OCS Back-end database server
    • Have you collocated all the Edge server roles on the same server
    • Do they have any Reverse Proxy configured
    • What is the version of Blackberry users
    • Do they have Microsoft DNS or any third party DNS 
    • Do they internal CA or any third party CA
    • What version(s) of Office Communications Server are you running?
    • What Office Communications Server role(s) have you deployed in the environment?
    • What additional components are deployed?
    • What operating system(s) are you running on the servers that support your OCS environment?
    • What operating system(s) are you running on your clients?
    • What Office Communications Server clients are used in your environment?
    • Change
    • Service Level Management
    • Do you have defined Operating Level Agreements with the teams who own services that Office Communications Server depends on (e.g. Network
    • Do you measure the availability of Office Communications Server services?
    • Is the measurement system automated?
    • Monitoring
    • What do you use to monitor Office Communications Server?
    • Do you employ tools to verify that Active Directory and DNS replication are succeeding properly across all Domain Controllers in your Active Directory forest?
    • Availability
    • Which Office Communications Server roles do you provide redundancy for?
    • How do internal clients obtain the names of Office Communications Servers for connectivity?
    • How do external clients obtain the names of Office Communications Servers for connectivity?
    • Dependencies
    • Are there any Rights Inheritance blocks on Active Directory organisational units (OUs) that house users enabled for OCS?
    • Are dynamic updates enabled for all DNS record types (SRV
    • Do new designs
    • Are custom Group Policies used to enforce security settings on Office Communications Servers?
    • Do you centrally manage antivirus for Office Communications Servers
    • Do you enforce antivirus scanning for file transfers using Office Communications Server?
    • Do you have a documented plan to renew certificates that are used within the Office Communications Server environment
    • Do you have an Internal CA trusted by all internal clients
    • Have you deployed external certificates on external Office Communications Server roles (e.g. Edge?)
    • Backup
    • Do backups run during regular business hours?
    • Do you use ‘alternative’ methods of backing up user data
    • For pool servers
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Do you have formal plans in place to recover OCS from natural disasters?
    • Is there a process to verify that your backups are valid and restorable?
    • Is there a process in place to protect and verify the Office Communications Server configuration data and dependencies such as Active Directory
    • Do you have extra disk or server hardware available for Office Communications Server disaster recovery?

    Regards Sandeep Swarup S

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012 7:26 PM
  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the guidance. I finally managed few questions for OCS2007R2 and Exchange 2010. If you and others have any few additons its well appreciated !!!

    Regards Sandeep Swarup S

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012 7:46 PM

    Hi ,

    Please  describe the issue of Exchange Server and background information.



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  • Hi Wendy, 

    Thanks for your post. I got a few questions which might help -

    Regards Sandeep Swarup S

    Thursday, February 9, 2012 9:14 AM